Traditional Dips

Traditional dips include Hummus, Greek yogurt and Cucumber, Spinach Feta, Smoked Paprika, Kumara and Lentil

Greek Yoghurt & Cucumber with Fresh Mint (JadJik)

It is very good for you as it harbors useful bacillus micro-organisms in it's freshnes and also useful as a low-calorie salad dressing.

Turkish Kitchen Jadjik is also delicious as a side dish with your favourite curry.

GE Free * Preservative Free * Gluten Free - Vegetarian

Traditional Hummus with Roasted Garlic

The creamy texture and nutty flavour of traditional hummus make it one of the most popular and versatile foods. Try it on rice or pasta, with chicken, lamb or fish. Our new improved recipe gives just the right consistency - neither too moist nor too dry

Fresh Spinach & Feta

This fine dip is made using daily-sourced fresh spinach and basil. Spiced with garlic and black pepper. An exquisite taste, combine with assorted vegetables, crostini or Turkish Pide. An excellent addition to cooked spinach and/or broccoli vegetables. Just add 50g to cooked vegetables & stir then serve while hot.

GE Free * Preservative Free * Wheat/Gluten Free * Vegetarian/Halal

Kumara & Lentil with Roasted Pumpkin

Winner of the 2009 Healthy Food Best Dip Award, this amazing combination is an exciting twist on two distinct flavours.